Handsome Frank Series


Handsome Frank


Social, Creative, Production, Documentary

Illustration agency Handsome Frank asked us to make a series of ‘Little Films’ about some of their artists. These tailor-made video portraits playfully toy with the documentary format, turning each film into a unique little showcase of the artist’s craft and personality.

Our team took a collaborative approach with Handsome Franks roster for these. The whites of eachothers eyes deeply locked, lots of coffees were drunk, questions were answered, bad ideas were had…fortunately some good ones were too.

“supa dupa cool ! i love the spirit of your series !” - Vimeo User Comment

“It seems we always talk about Jean, but to see him draw and actually speak honestly about his practice is a true joy” It’s Nice That

the end


Three Staff Picks and featured in It’s Nice That, Creative Boom, Creative Review, Booooooooooom, Digital Arts. For more of the handsome frank series have a look on their website.