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As a society, we know a lot about the refugee crisis from the media and from one another, because we talk about it. But effectively communicating the emotional narrative around the topic can sometimes be hard to get right. As the IRC’s creative content partner, we’ve helped them overcome this challenge for the last five years by focusing on creativity, curiosity and compassion as drivers for connection. We've picked out a few of the ways we've done this below.

two to tango

Refugee conversations for World Refugee Day

For World Refugee Day 2022, we had two key campaign goals: we wanted to shift global perceptions of refugees and raise the IRC’s profile. We aimed to do so by raising the voices of refugees in the most authentic way possible. Our conversations series shone a spotlight on lived experience, with refugees from different generations interviewing each other openly about their lives, challenges and triumphs.

The campaign reached 9.3 million people globally, attained the 2nd highest media share of voice (SOV) on the day and went viral on TikTok with 1.7 million organic views. The films were also used to launch the IRC’s YouTube Shorts offering.

Rustling a few million feathers online with Mr Salt and Lineker himself

We received a message from the IRC’s comms team saying “we might have access to Gary Lineker in South Shields for a small window of time, it would be great to do something”. We put our heads together and came up with this. The campaign was paired with the announcement that Gary would be welcoming a refugee to live with him and went out on National Fish & Chips Day 2020. We were really chuffed to see it picked up so heavily across the news and ruffle a few million feathers online.

The numbers: 3.4 million views, 256k Engagements, 1,925 new Twitter followers, 224 Mentions across UK media

Using animation and motion design to enhance donor retention

We produced a series of videos that the IRC use at various points in their donor journey. These are sent out via SMS and email.

These videos help build trust, maintain connection and increase understanding of the valuable ways in which donor gifts are being used.

As well as this, we built a suite of motion templates to allow their in-house teams to produce reactive content and meet the demands of their shapeshifting content calendars.