IRC Content Partnership


International Rescue Committee


Social, Animation, Production, Creative, Documentary

As the IRC’s content partners we’ve worked with them for over half a decade to help them grow their channels, develop their voice, increase awareness and drive donations.



We know a lot about the refugee crisis from the media and from one another because we talk about it, but the emotional narrative is very difficult. With all our work we've looked to take a collaborative approach that elevates the voices and first-hand experiences of refugees.



Our campaign work consistently outperformed foundational social and gained global media coverage. We work directly with communications and digital teams to develop impactful, social content that works. As video partners our team of creatives, animators and producers are passionate about crafting work that stands out and producing a content mix that keeps channels thriving and builds brand resilience.


The IRC need to produce reactive video ads. Our motion design team developed suites of motion-templates that have enabled them to react to the day-to-day developments, test content and crucially keep the cost of creative down. With the shapeshifting content calendars of the last few years  it’s been great to see these give them the flexibility to drive support where it's needed.