Life & Death in Libya


International Rescue Committee


Production, Social, Creative


Telling the stories of five young men who survived the horrors of Libya and chose to take a treacherous journey across the Mediterranean Sea to Europe the film raised awareness around the under-reported horrors being experienced.

These men told their stories for the first time, giving a first hand account of the criminal networks thriving in Libya amongst economic collapse, political instability and on-going conflict between violent militias. The film features the voices of young men from Syria, Eritrea, Sudan, Niger and Burkina Faso. They all described stories of indiscriminate violence.


The film was picked up by AJ+ and Buzfeed receiving 450,000+ organic views, 1,500+ Facebook shares and 1,000+ retweets.

It was also on The Daily Beast as part of their coverage of the Aquarius - drawing attention to the plight that many of those on the ship had already been through.