Meet the Perfumers


Somerset House


Documentary, Creative, Production

"Craziness is the price of Freedom…I love that” Antione Lie.

Somerset House asked us to introduce their new exhibition Perfume in a way that brought a batch of fresh faces (and noses) to their multi sensory exhibition . We developed and produced a global 3 part series and social campaign that spotlighted some of the most revolutionary perfumers of the last two decades, producing a content package with a that drove engagement from opening to close.

"Why do we wear perfume? I mean...why do we wear clothes, we could be running around naked, but it's part of culture that you try and wear stuff, so you don't look like an idiot."


Our series pulled back the curtains on the world’s leading perfume pioneers; the selected perfumers have opened up and are celebrating their craft with a global online community of ‘fumeheads’. Providing insights into processes, engaging in discussions and even taking inspiration from customers, they have offered a much more accessible approach to perfumery that’s unlike anything seen before.


The series featured perfumers from around the world, and our production team had to find a way to pull off shoots with complicated logistics. Our Global Talent Network was an essential part of our approach, producing with local talent, to mitigate uncertainty.

Meet the Perfumers final image